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A Small Gathering of Bones (Bluestreak) 
Year: 2003 
ISBN: 0807083674 
ISBN 13: 9780807083673 
Acts of Faith 
Year: 2016 
Being Heumann: An Unrepentant Memoir of a Disability Rights Activist 
Year: 2021 
ISBN: 0807002801 
ISBN 13: 9780807002803 
Inheriting the Trade: A Northern Family Confronts Its Legacy as the Largest Slave-Trading 
Edition: Reprint 
Year: 2008 
Man's Search for Meaning 
Edition: 1 
Year: 2006 
ISBN: 080701429X 
ISBN 13: 9780807014295 
Sex Workers Unite: A History of the Movement from Stonewall to SlutWalk 
Year: 2014 
Sowing Crisis: The Cold War and American Dominance in the Middle East 
Year: 2009 
The Birth of African-American Culture: An Anthropological Perspective 
Year: 1992 
ISBN: 0807009172 
ISBN 13: 9780807009178 
The Colonizer and the Colonized 
Edition: Expanded 
Year: 1991 
ISBN: 0807003018 
ISBN 13: 9780807003015 
The Miracle of Mindfulness: An Introduction to the Practice of Meditation 
Edition: 1st 
Year: 1996