Ask a Librarian

The Lending Library is a student-run program providing books for Connecticut College students for free for one semester. The Lending Library is open for 2 weeks at the beginning of each semester for check-outs. Contacting this email will put you in touch with the students who run the Lending Library, not librarians employed by the college. To place on online hold on books follow these instructions:
1. Using a laptop, tablet or computer, not a phone, go to:
2. Fill out registration form. Verify your account and you will be taken to the “My Libraries” page on
3. Click on “request member access” and enter
4. Once you get the pop-up saying you have successfully joined, refresh the page and you will see the Lending Library listed under “My Libraries.” Click “Access Library.”
5. Click on “Catalog” at the top of the page to search. When you find the book(s) you need, click on the title, scroll down to the copies available list and click “Request.” Don’t worry about the due date, we will extend them for you. In order to best serve as many students as possible, you can reserve a maximum of 5 books.
6. You will receive a confirmation email when we have approved your request with detailed pick-up instructions.

We recommend that you also take advantage of all the resources available at Shain Library and the other college libraries. To search the catalog of the Connecticut College Libraries or to contact a librarian visit: